July 2nd – July 22nd 2018

Program created to host international artists from all over the world.

The name NOA NOA is the title of Paul Gauguin’s travelogue, originally conceived as commentary on his paintings and describing his experiences in Tahiti. He wrote “I have escaped everything that is artificial and conventional, here I enter into Truth, become one with nature”. So, the NOA NOA Art Residency evokes how the trip and the escape from the urban context have played an important role on the inspiration and development of Paul Gauguin’s artistic creativity. We want to offer our Artists-in-residence the best conditions in order to develop their creativity in an environment surrounded by nature discovering East Indonesian culture, in Bali. The NOA NOA Art Residency’s identity stems from the necessity to guarantee an intimate, deep and free dialogue about art.

Our Artists-in-residence will work in our facilities, as well as in close contact with Indonesian art and nature. We will enable them to get in touch with the fast growing art scene in Bali encouraging long-lasting relationship between Bali and foreign cultures. The NOA NOA Art Residency, as a lab of experimental art, provides the chance and space for our Artists-in-residence to carry out research and development. The Residency offers contacts with local artists, promotion for local art environments, and creates conditions of interaction across different fields and geographical areas. The NOA NOA Art Residency is particularly beneficial to artists who consider restorative living in a peculiar natural setting.




 Dearest participant artists,

On Friday May the 5th, the selection period for the first international Noa Noa Art Residency prize, inspired by Paul Gauguin, that will take place in Bali in July 2017, came to conclusion.

Before officially announcing the names of the recipients, we would like to take a moment to tell everyone how difficult this selection was because of the extremely high quality of the candidatures we received. The evaluation process took a lot of time and all of the jurors and staff members are very sorry to not be able to bring more artists.

Throughout theese past few months we’ve had the pleasure to speak with hundreds of extraordinary people from all over the world: Italy, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Monaco, Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, Australia, Mexico, U.S.A., Iceland, Canada, Israel, India, Finland, New Zealand, Africa, China, Japan… it was an amazing and unbelievable experience, we couldn’t have hoped to imagine and live. Many have been the candidatures, over 200 artists submitted their application showing their artworks.

If Noa Noa is gonna be succesful, is largely gonna be thanks to you and your support, so let us say THANK YOU.

…Drumroll please…

On Wednesday May 10th, the jury, composed by names of significance in the art panorama, called to represent the different aspects of professionalism in the art world – Martina Corbetta ( president), Roberto Pisoni ( managing director of Sky Arte), Rossella Farinotti (Art curator and critic, founder of Labrouge), Matteo Bergamini (Exibart executive director) and Lucio pergola ( Marketing manager for Vans Italy) – selected the final winners:

  • Dennis Osadebe, Nigeria – “ for the simplicity of the lines, vivaciousness and energy of the colors. The spontaneity of the artistic message and its candor in general”.
  • Moneyless, Italy – “for the expressive energy of his mark made of geometrical shapes and loud colors”.
  • Daniel Khanin, Israel – “ for the energy of the old-fashioned-taste composition, made contemporary by its theme and superb chromatic choice”.
  • Ricky Lee Gordon, South Africa – “ for the monumental nature of his wallpainting and the pictorial quality of the realization. For his roaming spirit and positive attitude toward different cultures.”
  • Federico Tosi, Italy – “ for the elegance of the graphic mark, detailed and penetrating, and his attention over substance.”
  • Agostino Iacurci, Italy – “ for his artistic language which is linear and clean and both essential and rigorous. For the versatility of his work from wallpainting through sculpture to canvases.”

It’s going to be our duty and pleasure to keep you updated on the residency and its artists in order to keep this first encounter of ours alive and build a story with all of you in the spirit described by Gauguin in his wonderful journey diaries.

A heartfelt hello to all of you,

Noa Noa Art Residency Staff