Apply at Early Bird prices has so many benefits for both the artists and for us as a residency. We know you might be putting off the idea of applying at a later date but the truth is Early Bird application have so many benefits and we’re giving you an insight into what that means.

  1. You are applying at a reduced price. Yes, this is an obvious one. Making the application early means that you are purchasing it cheaper then you would if you waited. Why wait if you will save money?
  2. As a Residency, it helps us greatly!  Our Early Bird application sales allows us to better plan the residency. Our goal is to offer the best experience to the artists and all of you who apply early help us to complete our work.
  3. We are all volunteers at Noa Noa Art Residency and seeing our Early Bird application sell, is a great achievement for us. With people applying in advance it means that we are on the right track.
  4. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to apply. Save the hassle and apply now !

Early Bird 2019 Application Form:  30 Euro / Deadline 15-08-2018

Regular 2019 Application Form: 40 Euro / Starting from 16-08-2018, Deadline  15-03-2019

Last Minute 2019 Application Form: 50 Euro staring from 16-03-2019, Deadline 31-03-2019

Apply now!