The name NOA NOA is the title of Paul Gauguin’s travelogue, originally conceived as commentary on his paintings and describing his experiences in Tahiti. He wrote “I have escaped everything that is artificial and conventional, here I enter into Truth, become one with nature”. So, the NOA NOA Art Residency evokes how the trip and the escape from the urban context have played an important role on the inspiration and development of Paul Gauguin’s artistic creativity.

We want to offer our Artists-in-residence the best conditions in order to develop their creativity in an environment surrounded by nature discovering East Indonesian culture, in Bali. The NOA NOA Art Residency’s identity stems from the necessity to guarantee an intimate, deep and free dialogue about art.

Our mission is to provide artists with a unique and personal growing experience, or the creation of new art works or/and installations through an exploration combining observation, comparison and interaction with the artists’ own experience and the peculiar exotic nature. The aim is to bring artists from around the world to share skills and ideas in close contact with the Indonesian culture. International artists will interact to produce new works or/and installations.

Our Artists-in-residence will be offered the opportunity to live and work in the charming nature of Bali, where new horizons, perceptions and creative processes will be stimulated. In particular the NOA NOA Art Residency is located in the centre of Canggu, known as the most exclusive residential area in Bali in a strategic position between sacred temples and stunning tropical white sand beaches. Our Artists-in-residence are hosted in a tropical modern and minimalist villa offering an open concept lounge, a dining room, a pool area.

Our Artists-in-residence will work in our facilities, as well as in close contact with Indonesian art and nature. We will enable them to get in touch with the fast growing art scene in Bali encouraging long-lasting relationship between Bali and foreign cultures. The NOA NOA Art Residency, as a lab of experimental art, provides the chance and space for our Artists-in-residence to carry out research and development. The Residency offers contacts with artists, promotion for local art environments, and creates conditions of interaction across different fields and geographical areas.

The NOA NOA Art Residency is particularly beneficial to artists who consider restorative living in a peculiar natural setting.

Our Artists-in-residence will be asked to follow a three weeks calendar, called “Artist’s Pocket Diary”, based on:

  • Work Plan: artists will produce new art works or/and installations
  • Cultural Schedule: artists will get in touch with the local and stimulating cultural environment through planned tours


The NOA NOA Art Residency is open to visual artists, throughout the world with professional standing in their fields and emerging artists of recognized eligible ability for Residency.

The NOA NOA Art Residency is open to young or professional artists and it is based on a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for people regardless of race, sex, colour, religion, creed and nationality.

Each artist can take part to the NOA NOA Art Residency with three art works as requested in the application form on the dedicated page Apply now! of our website. Art works may have been previously exhibited.

The sections are: painting, drawing and illustration, installation, photographic art, video art, digital art.


To be eligible to enter in the selection:

  • applicants must be at least nineteen years old*
  • applicants should demonstrate significant achievement in their disciplines, commensurate with their experience
  • applicants should have taken part in a group exhibition
  • applicants should have taken part in a solo exhibition
  • applicants’ application form must be submitted in the correct format on the dedicated page Apply now! of our website and by the given deadline.

* students currently in a degree-granting program are accepted


The selection of Artists-in-residence will be made by a committee of professionals who will choose among the following categories:

  • Martina Corbetta, Jury Forewoman
  • Roberto Pisoni, Head of Sky Arte
  • Rossella Farinotti, Curator and Art Critic, owner of LabRouge
  • Nuria Mora, Artist

Artists are assessed on the basis of their artistic abilities, objectives, achievement and creative potential.

The Jury’s decisions are irrevocable and unquestionable.